Safety aids

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Throw Lines

To be used when you need to provide help to a person in the water, they can grab hold of the line and be pulled to safety.

To be found in the launch bags and others in the “safe”.

Ensure you hold on to one end of the line, half fill the bag with water and using an underarm action throw this to land past the casualty if possible. They will hopefully be able to grab the line and be pulled in. If it does not work first time, pull the bag back and try again.

Thermal Blankets

Used to prevent heat loss/shock when recovering someone from an accident especially in cold conditions.

Available in the boat bag carried by the launches.

Having pulled someone out of the water they should be wrapped in one of these and brought quickly to shore.

Buoyancy Aid/Life Jackets

These provide extra buoyancy in the event of an emergency particularly providing support to conscious people who can help themselves.

Available in the locked “safes”.

To be worn at all times by launch drivers, their passengers and coxes of all boats. These must be worn on top of all other clothing. This is especially important with self-inflating ones.


To provide buoyancy to a conscious person who can help themselves.

Located on bank near top of Rowing Club ramp.

Before throwing one of these to someone, ensure it has a rope attached and you have a firm hold on the free end.

Throw buoy beyond victim, taking care, when throwing, to prevent injury to person needing help.
Draw into victim’s grasp
Pull victim steadily to safety.