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Junior Rowers News Section 2006/2007
Maidstone Scullers Head - 30 September 2007
A team of 12 rowers (including 3 seniors) took part in Maidstone Head of the River Races over 3,500 metres on the River Medway last weekend and did very well to come home with a first, three seconds and a third. This was a very encouraging start at the first event of the new season.

The winner was Georgie Ridler in the Women's J16 single sculls who beat her teammates Georgie Coad (2nd) and Vicky Bailey (3rd). Vicky unfortunately twice got tangled in the trees close to the bank but was recovering well towards the finish and nearly caught up Georgie Coad.

The other star performers were Anji Ramanan and Nicole Carter second in the Women's J15 Double sculls who were the fastest of the Ardingly RC group. The girls have been practising hard this summer and this really showed when they were able to keep up the pressure on the Maidstone crew in front of them. As always, Maidstone are very hard to beat on their own water and although our girls were closing on them over the last part of the course they didn't manage to overtake them.

For Ciaran Egan and Sam Cook in the Junior 14 Double sculls this was there first event for the Club and they were very apprehensive at the start, but rowed with dedication and enthusiasm to come a very creditable second in their age group.

The other second went to David Clark in the Veteran single sculls who was very pleased to finish in front of one of the Bewl Bridge competitors who beat him at Richmond Regatta in the summer.

Completing the Junior team were Flick Coghlan and Katherine Farmer in the Women's J15 Doubles also taking part in their first event.

Jenny Searle and Nicola Plank in the Women's Novice Doubles were taking part in their first event and David Clark in the Veteran category were the adults making up the group.
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Ball Cup Regatta at Dorney Lake - 18 May 2007
Ardingly Rowing Club took a small group of pupils from Warden Park School and Burgess Hill School for Girls to the Ball Cup Regatta at Dorney Lake, the site earmarked for the rowing events at the 2012 Olympics. This Regatta is aimed particularly at small rowing schools and gives a rare opportunity to take part in 6 lane side by side racing.

The most successful crew was the Warden Park Girls Junior 14 Double scull of Anji Ramanan and Nicole Carter. Their first heat was a semi final, which they won after a neck and neck struggle with Little Heath School. The final proved a very exciting race. They all got off to a very quick start but Putney High School and Sir William Perkins School soon showed out in front but the real battle was between Warden Park and Little Heath for the third place. They changed places several times over the 1000 metres of the course but at the finish Warden Park just had their bows in front to claim third place medal. Anji's comment after the race was "we just couldn't shake them off".

The Burgess Hill Girls Junior 15 quad scull were delayed by a very bad cross wind at the start, but eventually got away and were very fast over the first third of the course and level with the other crews but then the stroke lost her seat which cost them quite a lot of water. However she recovered very quickly and they eventually finished fourth.

BHSG girls J16 double also went well disputing third place with Burway Schools most of the way down the course but this time it was Burway who got third leaving Burgess Hill with another fourth.

It was a difficult day's racing in very blustery conditions with a nasty crosswind for the early part of the course and some very heavy rain as well. All the crews coped with the conditions very professionally and were a credit to their schools.
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07 May - Marlow Spring Regatta
Taking the chance to use the one empty slot on the trailer, two girls Jess Palmer and Chloe Carter entered the womens Junior 16 doubles event. Drawn in their 3 lane heat, against the second fastest double in the country in their age group, the girls raced strongly over the 900 metre course. Unable to stay with the winners in the second half , they still finished a good 3 lengths up on Reading and gained valuable experience.
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29 April - Lea Spring Regatta
Jess Palmer and Chloe Carter were in action at Lea Spring Regatta and although knocked out in the earlier rounds by the eventual winners pushed them hard to the fastest time of that age group. The J16 double of Jess Hall and Emma Gadsden entered their own age group but could not get wound up early in the day. Later on however, they won the Women's Novice event, beating a Lea RC crew convincinly by 1½ lengths. The other winner that day was David Clark in a Veteran single, beating a Lea sculler on his home territory also by 1½ lengths. Useful regatta experience was also gained by Georgie Ridler in her first event and Anji Ramanan and Nicole Carter.
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National J15/16 Skills Camp at Nottingham
After completing our trial for the National Skills Camp at Maidstone and being selected, Chloe and I headed to Nottingham to complete a vigorous 4 day training scheme. On arrival we were told that we were not to share rooms with our friends and we had been put into rooms with girls from other clubs, we didn't let this put us off however and arrived at the lecture on Friday night determined to get everything we could out of the camp. Over the next few days we were filmed sculling as 'perfectly' as we could (this technique was then picked to pieces by the fantastic coaches!) we got up at 6am on Easter Sunday to be on the water by 7.30 after a quick briefing but no breakfast! That day we rowed around 18km and completed several land activities.

The main focus of the camp was identifying weaknesses in our technique and improving them as well as learning new exercises to improve our sculling on and off the water. We also learnt a good new dynamic warm-up and stretches to improve flexibility and core stability.

It was a fantastic experience for us as the coaching was done in small groups so it was very focused and you could really feel yourself improve each session. We also met loads of great new friends from all over the country and although we didn't regularly train anywhere near as much as some of them we didn't feel too out of our league as there was such a variety of standards.

Overall we had an exhausting but fantastic time and I would like to thank Jon and Louise Carter for driving us up and back- it was much appreciated and we couldn't have done it without them.

News item submitted by Jess Palmer.
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Putney - 11th April 2007
On Wednesday 11th April a group of 7 rowers: Victoria Bailey, Georgina Coad, Anita Ramanan, Anjali Ramanan, Charlotte Frost and Elisa Fuller; set off to Thames Rowing Club, Putney to have a day of Easter fun with a few girls from Putney High School and their coach Sally. The sun was shining; we'd certainly picked a great day to visit!

We started the day by being shown round the club house, a bit different from ours! After that two Quads and three Doubles were taken out to the starting point of the Oxford/Cambridge boat race, paired with girls from the club we were shown around the first mile or so of the race course.

After having the all important cake-break we set off to the newly re-furbished gym where there were numerous ergos. We all had a chance to use the Row Perfect machines, with these you had to keep you bottom half still whilst you did this the computer analysed your action - slightly bizarre but fun none-the-less!

We then stopped for lunch. The afternoon was taken up by an Easter hunt along and in the river! An extremely fun activity, the two clubs were mixed together and given clues as to where the treasure was buried. Every group did very well and won a prize of sweets as well as the chocolate they had found!

The day was really fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you to David Clark and Sally (of TRC) for a lovely day.

News item submitted by Vicky Bailey.
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Maidstone - 1st April 2007
The Club were able to take a squad of 23 rowers (including a large group from Burgess Hill School for Girls) to Medway Head of the River at Maidstone last Sunday. The Thames has been unrowable for several months due to high river levels and very fast flowing streams. However, the conditions on the Medway at Maidstone were ideal, dry bright weather and a river with hardly any current. It was even better to come away with three wins during the day.

Chloe Carter and Jess Palmer were entered as a Women's J16 crew but due to an error were put down as a Men's J16 crew. Maybe this provided added motivation but they beat the other men's crews and so were awarded the winner's medal for that age group. The Women's J15 quad scull of Vicky Bailey, Georgie Ridler, Alex Murray Georgie Coad with cox Laura Moss-Bromage rowed very well together to become the fastest women's quad of the day and our third win was by Alex Forster and Sarah Ient in the Women's Novice Double sculls.

Other much improved times were recorded by Ben Rogers with Tom Chmiel, and Tom Henton. Emma Gadsden went really well in her first race in a single scull. She always said she was slower that her team mate Jess Hall but on the day managed to come in 12 seconds faster than Jess.

An interesting fact emerged when the results were announced in that six of our crews, ranging from the teenage boys and girls through to the veteran mixed double of Sarah Saunders and David Clark, all finished the 2,500-metre course within 13 seconds of each other. The coaches are still trying to see the significance in this!

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WORRUN - 28th December 2006
Our annual holiday row run event took place as usual between Christmas and New Year with 11young people taking part.

There was some really good rowing and also some excellent running.

The stars of the day were Charlotte and Anji who were one of the few crews to go round all the bouys the correct way. They were the youngest taking part and did a very speedy run to come in as the fastest overall.

Alex and David also did a fast row round the correct course to come second after David had encouraged her along on most the the length of the run. Dom and Sarah were hard on their heels with Sarah spending a lot of the time protesting her unfitness for running and Dom persuading her that she was quite as capable as the rest. Most of the others were very close behind the first three.

Steering proved a bit of a problem for some and too many penalties were awarded for missing out bouys which had a bad effect on the times. This is something which needs to be worked on over the coming months.

The award for the silly hat competition went to Tim for his DIY inventiveness.

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Lady Eleanor Holles Day - 19th November
On Sunday 19th November, the Ardingly Rowing Club Junior team made their way to LEH School for a days training with Gillian Lindsay, a silver medallist from the Sydney Olympics. None of us knew what to expect, but were all looking forward to it. We arrived by 10am and had a briefing about the conditions we would expect to find out on the Thames. Few of us had rowed before with a current, so we had to learn where to row in order not to loose control of the boat.

We were arranged into 2 quads and 1 double; one of us got to Cox each of the quads, which was a new experience for those chosen. It was also the first time they had used a Cox-box with a microphone. The box showed the Cox how many strokes we had rowed and what our stroke rate was etc. The morning was spent rowing up and down the river, with Derek, David and a coach from LEH who were giving us tips on how to improve our technique. The main points we picked up on were to make sure we leant back as far as we could which meant our blades stayed in the water for as long as possible. We also had to accelerate down the slide more to produce more power. After about 2 hours on the water, we all came into lunch and watched ourselves on the television as Derek had filmed us that morning. This was very interesting as we'd never seen ourselves row before, so it was a lot easier to see where we were going wrong and what we could do to improve our technique. After a break we went back out onto the water in the same boats and headed for the start line of the course for Hampton Head of the River. Once there, we made the final touches to our race plan and set off. It was a hard 10minute race, but after all the practise we had done that morning we felt that we couldn't have tried any harder.

Overall, everyone had had a fun and very useful day, and will take a lot of constructive advice away with them.

Our thanks are due to Gillian Lindsay and the team at LEH for making this day possible.

News item submitted by Georgina Coad.
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Maidstone Junior Skills Camp - 18th November
On the 18th November Chloe Carter and I went to the Junior Skills camp held in Maidstone hoping to prove that we had what was needed to be invited to the National J15/16 Camp at the National Water Sports Centre (Nottingham) at Easter.

After a few sessions of practice in the weeks running up to the 18th we drove down to begin the tests. After a short briefing we firstly completed several skills tests on the water, these included; hand circling for 30 secs, balancing a stationary boat in the safe position for as long as we could, sitting and standing rigger dips, turning the boat through 360° and double and single 'chops' where we had to square our blades and raise them in and out of the water (1 at a time for single and together for double). We then got back on dry land to fill out our anthropological measurements such as; height, weight, arm span and inside leg length. This was followed by a short 30sec ergo test; we warmed up for 5 mins then set the timer for 30 secs, our aim was to produce as high a wattage as we could but at the same time keep our average wattage as high as possible, meaning that we had to keep as much power on as we could for the full 30 secs, otherwise our average would go down. After this we took a short lunch break before the final test of the day; the head of the river this was about 1500-2000m along the Medway and was organised so that the majority of the race was fairly straight.

Finally we headed home, pleased that we had done our best and now we are just waiting for the final results which should come in mid December as they have to test another section of the region before they decide who should make it through.

Special thanks to Jon and Louise Carter who drove us up and helped and supported us throughout the day, we couldn't have done it without them!

News item submitted by Jess Palmer.
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British Indoor Rowing Championships - 12th November
On Sunday 12th of November, my family took me to Birmingham so I could compete in the British Indoor Rowing Championship!

I had never done this before and although nervous, I was really looking forward to the experience.

It was a huge competition with over 3,000 other s taking part and lots of atmosphere. I was in the J16 category and came 21st; I did however gain a personal best time of 8min.13secs. over the 2,000 metre distance.

After my race I was taken to the physio area, where I had a fantastic massage on my legs. Followed by a very deserving mug of hot chocolate!

News item submitted by Chloe Cartre.
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Weybridge Silver Sculls - 21st October
The junior team had a day of mixed fortunes. Alex Forster and Dom Daly, fresh from their Women's Novice win at Maidstone couldn't quite repeat this performance on the Thames, coming second to a Walton crew who had the advantage of home water. Chloe Carter and Jess Palmer was the fastest of our Juniors, overtaking their team mates (who started before them) close to Walton Bridge and steaming down the rest of the course to come in 5th only just over a minute behind the leaders, which, in those conditions, was a very creditable performance.

Three other doubles, two girls and one boys also took part but although they struggled with the conditions managed to complete the course without incident and will have learnt a lot as a result of the experience.

As well as the doubles Charlotte Frost was the only single sculler competeing and in her second event came 7th. Her comment afterwards was "I just seemed to keep going on and on" but in the difficult conditions, just competing and finishing in a single scull was quite an achievement.
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Maidstone - 8th October
A party of 13 junior scullers from Ardingly Rowing Club went to Maidstone Scullers Head bringing back two first places and several seconds and thirds.

The main winners were the girls Novice Double of Alex Forster and Dom Daly but Tom Bloomfield also claimed a win in the Men's Junior 18 class as the actual fastest time in that class was the fastest Men's overall and so did not qualify. His teammate Tom Wade was closely behind him in 4th place for their age group.

Alex Forster later in the day had a second row, this time in a Women's J18 class with Jess Palmer and they came second just over a minute slower than the winner. Emma Gadsden and Jess Hall were also second in the Women's J16 class. Last time they went to Maidstone they had a very slow time having got tangled up with some moored boats so were keen to improve their performance and this they did convincingly less than a minute behind the class winner. The Junior 14 single sculls are always very competitive and Tom Henton rowed very professionally but could only manage 4th in his age group.

Several members were entering their first event and all acquitted themselves with distinction, Ben Rogers and Tom Chmiel in the Men's Junior 15 Double sculls, Amy Seabrook and Katherine Booth in the equivalent Women's event and Charlotte Frost in the Women's J14 single sculls. She rowed really well to gain a third place the first time she had competed and was only 4 secs behind a double of girls a year older.
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