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Junior Rowers News Section 2007/2008
Bewl Bridge Rowing Session - 14th August 2008 On 14th August, members from Bewl Bridge Rowing Club came down to the reservoir on an exchange visit.

The day started off well, with little wind and some (rare) sunshine, and both clubs were in high spirits in anticipation of a great day out on the water. Members from Ardingly and Bewl were paired up and had got off to a good start, rigging the boats, launching from the pontoon, and getting to know their new partners better. It seemed to be the start of a beautiful, sunny day filled with training and fun.

Bewl Bridge RowingThe weather, it seemed, had other ideas. Shortly after the boats were rigged, it began to rain, at first softly, but as the session got underway it gradually worsened until the poor rowers were soaked through (and then some) and there were several inches of water in the boats. Still, the session carried on regardless, starting off fairly lightly to give the rowers a chance to get accustomed to each other before becoming more intense with races and lengths being done whilst crews were coached from the launches. We did some work on technique, starting off from the pontoon using arms only and graduating up to full slide in order to help crews to row more comfortably together and with more skill, and some races between single and double crews before the rain worsened, nearly drowning the rowers who had so far managed to avoid capsizing in spite of a gathering wind and the coaches doing their best to immerse them in wash! The midday downpour did nothing to dampen the spirits of the rowers however - if anything, it spurred them on to row faster - the quicker they got in, the quicker they could get changed and eat lunch!

After a hearty (and, thankfully, dry) lunch, the crews were separated into their respective clubs once more for some races, which really put the skills we had worked on in the morning to the test. After that, it was time for some madness and mayhem! Chaos reigned as the crews scrambled to collect one ball each and one rubber duck per crew at the top of the reservoir where they had been scattered rather haphazardly. Crew members' eyesight and ability to work together as a team were put to the test as they were required to pull off some 'interesting' manoeuvres in order to collect the floating objects. Much screaming ensued.

Overall, the day was thoroughly enjoyable (despite the rain!) and both crews gained a lot from their time on the water. Huge thanks go to David and Angela for a fantastic day - we really appreciate the time and effort they put in to organising this for all of us and making it so enjoyable!
News item submitted by Anita Ramanan.
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Lea Spring Regatta With the start of the Regatta season now upon us, we sent a small team of juniors to contest the Lea Spring Regatta over 600m on the river Lea in East London. As well as the winning pair of Anji Ramanan and Nicole Carter who claimed victory over Broxbourne in the girls J15 double sculls we also had two beaten finalists.

The victors had a tough semi final as their oponents got away to a flying start but Anji & Nicole stuck to their plan and rowed hard and steadily to overtake them about half way and then hold on to a very slender lead for the rest of the distance. In the final it was a different story as they took and early lead that Broxbourne never managed to peg back. The winning margin was 2 lengths.

The beaten finalists were Anji & Nicole again this time against a Women's Novice crew from Weybridge. In a thrilling race, our girls got an early lead and were neck and neck all the way with the lead changing hands several times until the last 100m when Weybridge finally managed to push a little harder to win by a length. The other beaten finalists were George Coad and Vicky Bailey in the Women's J16 Double Sculls. In the semi final they beat a Weybridge crew one of whose girls lost her seat part way down the course but in the final they were up against a Lea RC crew. They are always very hard to beat on their home water and got off to a very fast start and although George & Vicky rowed really hard they were unable to pull back the early deficit.

The team was made up with a Junior 15 double scull of Sam cook and Tom Wardill, Tom Wardill again, this time in a single scull and Flic Coghlan also in a single scull (who was beaten in the first round by the eventual class winner). They all started very well having been practising these over the last few weeks on the reservoir but their opposition was generally heavier crews, which were a disadvantage to our rather svelte lightweight competitors.
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Putney High School for Girls - 31st March to 6th April 2008 Putney High School For Girls came down to Sussex for a few days to enjoy the water at our reservoir. However, it wasn't just the Putney girls that benefitted from the sessions, ARC members did too as their experience helped us with our racing starts.

We had been told that we would be doing racing starts with the girls and we were all very excited, especially for some of us, as it was our first time.

I was very lucky that I managed to go out in a quad with two very experienced rowers. They helped us a lot and the difference after the session was dramatically better. When we did some races when we were all confident with the starts, the boat felt as though it was gliding underneath us at 100mph!

We all worked very hard and the session was very rewarding for both rowing clubs, I am sure.
News item submitted by Katherine Farmer.
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Emanuel School - 26th March 2008 On Wednesday 26th March, approx 11 girls from Emanuel School came down to share the reservoir, rowing tips and some games with us. It was great fun and we all had a brilliant time.

I was the first to arrive at the reservoir and I was very anxious about meeting 11 other girls who I had never met before. However, once they had arrived, their friendliness reassured me that, although I was the only ARC girl there, I would fit into their lesson without any problems and also that we had all rowed for roughly the same time.

I found myself in a double with a girl called Claudia. We got on well and we managed to row well together. We both rowed up to the top, awaiting further instructions from their coach.

We raced many times against a single and two other quads. One quad didn't have a cox so their steering was a bit haywire, but we all managed very well!

The girls certainly enjoyed rowing on the reservoir and found it quite a welcome change from the Thames. One girl said "I'm glad that you don't have to worry about being fined here if you row in the wrong place!" and all the other girls laughed.

The session was drawing to a close and after some very close races, their coach made us push ourselves just that little further and race to a game she had set up in the middle of the reservoir. The aim of the game was to row up and grab hold of a rubber duck and one ball, which were floating on the water, for each person in the boat. The first boat to do so without capsizing would win and I am very pleased to say that Claudia and I actually won and it brought the session to a very nice close.

I would like to thank everyone involved for providing an excellent day.

News item submitted by Katherine Farmer.
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Medway Fours Head of the River - 24th February 2008 22 competitors from the Club went to Maidstone recently for the Medway Fours Head of the River race over a very twisty upstream course of 2,500 metres. The fastest of our crews were the Junior 18 girls of Jess Palmer and Chloe Carter who were 2nd in their age group 16 secs behind the age group winners. They sculled a very neat and controlled race being chased all the way by a very powerful girls crew from Lea RC but just managed to keep in front at the finish.

However the medal winners this time were the Junior 16 girls quad scull which was the fastest girls quad on the day just 13 secs in front of a Burgess Hill School for Girls quad twelve months younger.

Other good performances came from the double scull of Sam Cook & Ciaran Egan also second in their age group and Tom Henton third in a Junior 15 single scull. Nicole Carter and Anji Ramanan also J 15s were the only girls double sculls in their age group but nevertheless they rowed consistently well to complete the course in a very competitive time.

It was a good opportunity to take some of our young people for their first event and they found the distance quite challenging as well as negotiating the bends in the river. They all did well to complete the course in reasonable times and without mishap.
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Hampton Head of the River - 1st December 2007 The Club and Burgess Hill School for Girls took 11 young people to compete in the Hampton Schools and Juniors Small Boats Head over 3300metres on the River Thames. This is always a very competitive event with an entry of over 600 crews, including most of the main rowing schools and Clubs from as far away as Monmouth and Durham.

The first ARC crew to row was the quad scull of Charlotte Frost, Nicole Carter, Katherine Farmer, Anji Ramanan & Anita Ramanan (cox) in the women's J15 age group. This was a very big class with many school and club crews that are on the water 3 or 4 times per week minimum. However our girls acquitted themselves very well, rowing tidily and persistently over a course three times the length of Ardingly Reservoir and finishing 20th in the class in a time well comparable with the rest of the group.

The boys were represented by Tim Marriott and Austyn Hall in the J17 doubles and they also turned in one of their best performances although they admitted afterwards if they were to get fitter they could go even faster. Tom Henton competed in the J15 singles and did well to finish 22nd in a large class with several Eton boys behind him.

In the afternoon it was the turn of the BHSG women's J15 quad scull of Sarah Lucas, Florence Moon, Katherine Farmer, Charlotte Frost and Flick Coghlan (cox). This was their first competition together and although Latymer passed them near the start they kept going exceptionally well with a high stroke rate to finish 19th and 2 seconds faster than the ARC crew.

Nicole Carter and Anji Ramanan competed in the Women's J15 doubles and as always sculled neatly and powerfully to finish 18th.

Some of these crews also competed at Henley two weeks earlier and their performances were a great improvement and a very encouraging sign for the coming months.
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