Juniors News Section - 2008/9

Emanuel School Boathouse on 07 April 2009 - Report by Patrick Frost We all enjoyed the trip to Emanuel School Boat House on the Thames. The facilities were excellent, although it was harder to get the boats out as you had to haul them up and down a ramp at low tide. The coach, Alison was great. Lots of us hadn't been in an eight before and we enjoyed rowing on some of the Boat Race course from Craven Cottage to Barnes Bridge. We could go for miles without stopping, unlike at Ardingly reservoir.

Although the water was a bit choppy on the way back, on the whole it was flat and we rowed well in the octuple scull. Our strokes were all over the place to begin with, but by the end they were synchronised, although some of us had trouble shortening our strokes to fit in with the others. On the way out we recorded a video of ourselves rowing to review later.

Their clubhouse was impressive although unfortunately we couldn't get the TV to play the video of us rowing, but one of us entertained the others with their origami skills. The rowing tank was helpful to synchronise our strokes and I think we all enjoyed the trip.
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Doubles Event 29 March 2009 - Report by Flic Coughlan On 29th March 2009 the club organised a mixed doubles event followed by a BBQ, as a way to welcome the new racing season.

The races were held over a distance not too long to get out of breath but long enough to get some speed! The combinations of one junior and one senior were decided on the day and to make sure the racing was even, the combinations were not allowed to have rowed together previously.

Once the crews were chosen, we had an hour or so of fun, exciting and tiring racing, for both the participants and the spectators. Everyone worked hard but Jon Carter and Tom Peters raced against Mark Abbott and Anita Ramanan in the final. We watched as Mark and Anita came down the reservoir in first place, only to be overtaken at the last minute by Jon and Tom, who took first place by 2ft!

The repechage saw David Avery and Flic Coghlan win against David Clark and Jenny Searle by a clear three lengths.

Following the action packed morning we gathered together for a delicious BBQ, which was gratefully received and enjoyed by all and watched the winners as the collected their prize of jelly babies and wine gums! Thank you to the organizers for creating a fun and memorable day, which we hope will be repeated next year.
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Maidstone 28 September 2008 On the 28th September 2008 the Club took a group of mainly juniors to Maidstone for their first Head of the River event of the autumn. The course there is 3,500 metres down a rather windy River Medway but even so very useful for crews new to this type of event.

Overall we had three age group winners so came away very pleased with the day. The Junior 16 girl's double of Nicole Carter and Anji Ramanan was first off and they quickly overtook a Maidstone crew in front of them to win their class with their teammates, Katherine Farmer and Florence Moon in second place. The junior 14 boys double of Jonty Field and Alex Harris went later in the day and they both rowed extremely well to win their age group and only 3 seconds behind Anji & Nicole. Patrick Frost was the third winner in the junior 14 boys single sculls. This is the second event he has entered and each time, so far, he has won something.

However the most interesting result of the day was the junior 15 women's double of Flic Coghlan and Laura Willis. They are a new combination this season and they went exceptionally well to record a time faster than their 16-year-old club mates. However this only put them in second place for their age group, as there was a fast Maidstone Invicta RC crew in front of them. Flic said afterwards "Towards the end we put in an extra effort but the finish was further away than we expected, so it obviously helped towards the very good time."

Three other juniors also competed, Tom Wardill in a single scull that was well up with the pace of the girl's doubles and Sam Minall & Joe Fox in the junior 14 doubles for the first time.

Also three adults took part, David Clark in a single scull who in spite of his age was not the slowest and Jenny Searle and Nicola Plank in a Women's Novice double who unfortunately had no opposition in their category but after a difficult start were second fastest of the Club entries.

This was a very encouraging start to the season and as the Chairman, Derek Riches commented "It will be interesting to see how these results compare when the crews race on the Thames in the coming weeks."
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