BR Volunteer Awards 2021

We are delighted that Clay has made the shortlist for the National Award for Covid Hero from British Rowing. 
The winners will be announced in January 2022.
We nominated Clay for his work as locum Priest during the Pandemic, keeping his Parish and Parishioners connnected including fighting and mastering the technology of services via Facebook Live.  Clay also volunteered as one of our Welfare Advisors during this time (and continues today) and threw himself into all online Club activities.  Clay came back to active sculling and coaching in August in time to make an impression on our L2R newbies.  

Emma Q was also nominated for the Rising Star (U23) award in respect of all she has done this year to organise the Junior L2R programmes, her own sculling and rowing (with Eva), and her letter to The Rowing Foundation which was instrumental in us getting funds for refurbishments of 3 boats this summer.  Emma's nomination didn't make it to the National short-list but she knows how much she has made a difference at our Club anyway.  

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