Maidenhead Regatta

Maidenhead Regatta was another successful and fun Club day out in perfect weather and with almost perfect rowing conditions. Three of our Club mates lost their Novice sculling status at the Regatta so well done to Jon W, Neil, and Dan.  We had five wins on the day but a lot of close racing and second place finishes.  Special mention to Yasmin, Callum, and Ellen who each made the finals in their 1x events having won through quarter finals and semi finals.  It was also Sarah F's first day racing for Ardingly - in the 2x with Ursula and in the 4- with Carol, Claudia and Maja.  Wins were for
Open Masters D 2x Neil and Jon W
Open Masters G 2x Mick and Ian (Andy)
Open Masters E 1x Mick
Open Masters H 1x Ian (Andy)
Open 2x (band 2) Dan and Benedict W

Club baking skills were on display again and there was a huge Club picnic to be shared with lemon and blueberry muffins, lemon drizzle cupcakes, vegan cornish pasties, blue and yellow pinwheel cookies, chocolate flapjack, and the most delicious raspberry and white chocolate scones.  This was the envy of other Clubs in the visiting Clubs field of course. 

Thank you to Neil and Claire for towing the trailer - and to everyone who helped load and unload, then load and unload a very full trailer almost efficiently.  Photo is Neil and Jon W taking the applause after crossing the line and winning their medals.

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