Walton Small Boats Head

We had 28 entries in for Walton Small Boats Head - and a very full trailer ready to go.
But then it was so cold on the day of the race that a risk assessment at the Lake at 6am (-6c and black ice) informed the decision that it would be unsafe to take the trailer away.  In reality we had at least £50,000 of equipment on the trailer, plus the trailer driver's car, plus the human cargo ... it was not worth the risk for a 12 min race.  Walton RC generously confirmed they would be giving us (at least partial) entry fee refunds for those unable to get there.
Grant and Slavo and the Sussex Uni squad made the trip anyway and used contacts to beg and borrow boats and blades once there.  Special thanks to Walton RC, Maidstone Invicta RC, Shoreham RC and Kingston RC for loaning equipment.

Open Band 2 2x Callum and Blessing 3rd
Open Band 2 2x KB and Pedro 4th
Women's Band 3 2x Yasmin and Maria 3rd
Open Band 2 1x Callum 4th
Open Mas F1x Grant 7th
Open Mas G2x Grant and Slavo 1st
Women's Band 3 1x Yasmin 1st  (photographed with medal)

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