BUCS 2023

Our Sussex Uni rowers took eight crews to BUCS 2023 at Nottingham and did themselves proud.  No medals but some cracking performances from a Club which doesn't own a stick of its own equipment nor have the resources of many of their oppo.

One highlight was Pedro with the 3rd fastest time in IntLwt1x, and the M4x is now a poster-crew for British Rowing and for the event! 
WInt 4x (Lara, Chloe, Yas, Hannah) raced time trial but didn't quite make a side by side final
MBeg4x (Harvey, Tyler, Alfie, Arthur) 12/23 in time trial, 6th in AB Semi, 6th in B final
MIntLwt1x (Pedro) 13/47 in time trial missing the AB semi by just .8sec. 2nd in C final after convincing lead for majority of the race. Overall 3rd fastest time of MLwtInt 1x.
MInt2x (Jago and Cal) 27/61 in time trial and then 4th in E final after being just pipped on the line.
WInt4+ (Chloe, Hannah, Martha, Lara and Isla) 50/67 in time trial, so missed out on side by side racing
MBeg2x (Harvey and Arthur) 11/35 in time trials, 6th in AB semi, 6th in B final so 12th of 35 crews!
MInt4x (Jordan, Blessing, KB, Pedro) 32/41 in time trial, 2nd in F final. Very good race, 3s off 1st place
WInt2x (Chloe and Yas) 30/65 in time trial, 5th in E final, another good race and another finish in top half of the event

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