July Regattas

One win at Henley Masters Regatta this year with two more finals and two 'met the eventual winner in the semi' frustrations!  Well done to Ursula, Linda, Esther and Cecile for the win.

Annunicata trekked up to Scotland for the British Rowing Junior Champs and stormed over the WJ15 1x time trial to finish 8/62 competitors.  This got her into the A/B semis and then the B final.  Well done Annunciata, 11th of 62 WJ15 1x is fabulous.  Thanks to Aberdeen BC and to Bewl Bridge BC for help with transporting the boat. 

At Molesey Regatta Ursula won in a TSS composite quad in the morning division but the terrible winds led to the singles and doubles events being cancelled in the afternoon division.  A real shame for Reuben with Josh from BBRC who had won their quarter-final and were ready for their semi. Thanks to the Burfield family for towing and for Greenies (if you have never tried a lemon 'brownie' with green M&Ms you are missing out).

At Staines, Mike Ellicock took a 1x and a 2x and Staines BC lend the students a quad.  It turned into a great day for the women with three wins, and a more frustrating day for Cal and Louis who lost out in the semis.  Wins were for Emma Q and Eva E in the Women's 2x Band 1, then they were joined by Yasmin and Annunciata in the Women's 4x (Annunciata's first seniors race).  Finally Yas won in the Women's 1x Band 2 - a personal triumph as her goal was simply to stay on top of the water.

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