Euro Masters Regatta 2023

A small contingent of Masters travelled to Oberschleissheim just outside Munich for the 2023 Euro Masters Regatta last weekend.  There was some really close racing, in some very challenging conditions. Brian and Alex came away with a win in D2- and Brian teamed up with Heather from SuABC for a win in MxD2x but the rest of the squad had to be content with 2nds and 3rds (over 6 lane racing). We suspect the disruption to training this summer meant we didn't quite have the finishing race pace needed in tight sprint situations. 
We had some lovely effective collaborations ... as well as Heather from SuABC, we had Geoff from Quintin, Rachael and Tom from Wallingford, Anna from UTRC, Rod from DTARC, David from HSBCBC and Hilary from MAABC. 
photo Alex and Brian with the huge medals

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